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Eco Bento Lunch Box Set - Beige


Home Kraft UK Bento Lunch Box Set -


A Traditional and Stylish Way to Pack and Enjoy Your Lunch


Are you tired of packing your lunch in ordinary style lunch boxes?

Looking for a fun and unique way to enjoy your lunches at work and school?

If so, then we've got the perfect solution for you!


Presenting *Home Kraft's UK Bento Lunch Box Set*

Our lunch box sets are the perfect way to add some fun and cultural flair to your kids' and your own lunches. Whether taking them to work, school, or to the park for a picnic, our spill proof lunch boxes and flasks are great for making your lunches more exciting and presentable. They're also easy to carry due to being so compact. Still, with two containers stacked on top of each other, measuring 20.1x9.3x12.4cm and holding up to 800ml and flask holding upto 400ml.

We've designed each lunch box and flask to be both stylish and friendly to the earth. With every lunch box set being made from wheat and straw. They're also completely microwave and freezer safe, thanks to the food safe PP 5 Polypropylene in each box which is temperature resistant from -20 to +120°C, so you can REHEAT ONLY for up to 3 minutes in a microwave and safely store them in a freezer for months.

Need more reasons to choose us?


  • Snap on clips and lids turns them into spill proof lunch boxes and leak-proof flasks
  • Each lunch box set comes with its own reusable fork, spoon and bamboo straw
  • Available in colours such as pink, green, and beige
  • Makes a fantastic gift for those who love a stylish way to carry their food
  • More Reasons to Buy...

    • *COMES IN 3 BEAUTIFUL COLOURS - Choose the lunch box set that expresses you the most by choosing your favourite colour. They come in pink, green, and beige. Our lunch boxes and flasks also include a spoon, fork and bamboo straw (with the fork having a serrated edge acting as a knife) so you are always prepared
    • *FRIENDLY TO THE EARTH MATERIALS -Each set is made from wheat and straw.
    • *MICROWAVE SAFE DESIGN - Both the boxes and plastic lids contain PP 5 Polypropylene which is a BPA Free, food safe and heat resistant plastic that can withstand temperatures between -20 - 120° Celsius, making our bento lunch boxes microwave and freezer safe. **The lunch box should only used in the microwave for no more than 3 minutes on the REHEAT Setting of your microwave, not the full cooking setting**
    • *EASY TO CLEAN & SPILL-PROOF - With their snap sealed clips and lids, our lunch box sets are made to be spill-proof, with the clips and lids ensuring no food can leak out. Also a leak-proof flask that can be used to drinks, soups or sauces. They're also incredibly easy to hand wash and are dishwasher safe.
    • *POPULAR JAPANESE STYLE LUNCH BOX SETS - These lunch box sets have been designed to replicate the compact yet efficient style of Japanese lunch boxes. They have 2 stacked food trays that can hold 800ml of food. The matching leak-proof flask hold upto 400ml and comes with a fork, spoon and bamboo straw.

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